Common Application

Common Application is defined as the percentage of relative success achieved while completing the daily routine for an average human being.

The formula for determining one's common application is to multiply the difficulty ratio of each daily routine task by the number of routine tasks for that particular day of the week.

This number is then given a percentile to make more sense of this all and to determine one's CA more accurately.

In the intensive studies done on CA by Savio DSilva (the creator and founder of this concept of Common Application) he found that Monday had the highest CA, followed by Tuesday. Sunday, Saturday and Friday had the least "Common Application" percentage.

The determine the difficulty ratio one must assign a value between 1 and 10 to the amount of difficulty one faces in completion of the said routine task.

For example, most humans who went through this application assigned a difficulty ratio (DF) of 1 for taking a dump in the toilet each morning but surprisingly brushing one's teeth was assigned a DF of 3.

On an average, around 70% of the pupils measured on their CA had a round figure between 50 to 55 percent CA.

This means that most individuals do not really apply themselves well or aren't that successful in completing their daily routines well enough.

Common Application has great value for anyone hoping to understand themselves better and is a terrific tool to diagnose Time Management issues in one's regular routine or career.

Most managers will find CA helpful in the company too. One can easily identify the high performance staff by calculating their Common Application. is an entire website dedicated to Common Applications. It was about time we put together a small website with some fascinating information on Common Applications. We also hope that this website will help all those who seek to find the finest material on this interesting educational topic.

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